24.Apr.14 10 hours ago


i don’t have time for people who don’t believe in aliens

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23.Apr.14 15 hours ago

y’all eat ass but y’all dont eat the part of the apple with bruises okay i see

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23.Apr.14 17 hours ago


"hello 911 i’d like to report a murder in th-" "haha, wow you’re a little snitch. hold on a sec. HEY DAVE, CHECK OUT THIS FUCKIN SNITCH ON LINE THREE"

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23.Apr.14 17 hours ago


My friend recorded meeeee and I like it so here tumblr have fun

23.Apr.14 17 hours ago


tumblr said i “liked” your post, but in reality? i loved it. i love you

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23.Apr.14 19 hours ago

Woot Woot!!

I got accepted to go to the TEDxUCSB event this weekend :3

23.Apr.14 20 hours ago